Monday, January 01, 2007

A Good Start

There was/is a belief in Guyana where I grew up...that on the first day of the new year
you should do at least some of what you hope to do in the rest of the year. Today...I
read some source material from my journals to draw the manuscript I'm wotking
on. I continued the straightening out of my apartment started a while ago...then did some editing of materials I've written in the last two months or so. Perhaps before the
night is done I'll get some guitar playing in. This is not the final list of what I
hope to be engaged this new year. Things I stayed away from this day?...the
polar bear swim at English Bay. That is one thing I'm not likely to do at any time...
while I am still of "sound mind". All in all...a good start!...........Quester.


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