Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Video With Paintings

Some of my paintings have appeared in my videos before...but last night I started
editing one...that from start to finish utilises video of my acrylic paintings. It's
an interesting process I'm in with it...starting in...and seeing what nudges come to
me about what to do next. So's gone well...but I haven't totally decided...
what's going to be on the sound track of this video. It's kind of just
work on putting together a fine flowing visual tapestry...and when that is done...add
sound to it of some kind. We'll see how it all shakes down. I am enjoying the process
of making this video...and am take my time with make it fine.
Again...if all goes well and it gets finished...and is one will stop
to ask what pains were taken in making it. It's you...the video maker...that decides
that for the concept you are prepared to take the pains and the time to do it well...even though it takes much more time and effort...than many of the other
videos you've made. We'll see how it all turns out............Quester.


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