Saturday, July 02, 2005

Overcoming Inertia

I sit at my glass table, pen in hand and blank page before me, waiting to write about something still unknown. The piles of
previous writing on the table before me, stacks of note books and shelves of daily journals, boxes of cassette tapes of my songs, the paintings hanging on my walls and stacked in another room, tell me that somehow, I've broken the spell of inertia,
many times before. Today, all of that, does not produce my next posting or poem. I am on my own each time I return to the
poised pen and blank page place. Every time I see a beautiful painting, or hear an inspiring song, by an artist other that myself, I think of how close he or she may have come, to going to the pub instead, or escaping in some way, from having to face the blank canvas or page before him or her. Inertia does not work in mysterious simply tells you every time you are about to create something...leave this alone...its too much trouble...have a nap or a walk...or anything other than what you were hoping to do. The other day I met a painter who I hadn't seen for a long time. I know that in the past he painted beautifully...but for some years seems he has had difficulty motivating himself to paint again. I told him about my battles with inertia...and how sometimes I just start in...not knowing where it will lead...not attempting to create a masterpiece...but doing the equivalent of turning on a tap that hasn't been used for a while...and accepting that water full of rust will likely come out at first...but how...with a little luck the exercise might eventually get you out of being stalled in doing your thing. Writing this piece today...has proven once again that...that approach can work...if you stay in front of your page or canvas long find a way... to simply "start in".......................Quester.


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