Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Beings From Really Distant Places

No...I wasn't abducted...and sent back to Earth to spread a message...I just took a
picture of what was before me. I have often wondered about the U.F.O. phenomenon...
and my jury is still out...about what lies behind it. One thing I do that
somewhere in our human make a wanting to have relatives...beyond our Earth
home. It is a lonely think that we are the only "intelligent/not so
intelligent" beings in the universe. In the meantime...I'll check the skies from time
to see if a long lost bunch of cousins are hovering...and waiting my go ahead to land. Until then...I'll let my imagination dance around the mystery of what lies out
there in the deep blue...and listen to the stories of those who are certain about
their encounters with beings from really distant places...........Quester.


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