Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year Cherry Blossoms

When I first came to Vancouver...going to Stanley Park to see the cherry blossoms on
New Year's day...became a tradition for some years. It was something that always gave me great hope...to think that in the middle of winter in Canada somewhere...you could see cherry trees blooming. The last year or two I didn't make this pilgrimage on this
day. One of my resolutions for "07 was to continue with this tradition, even though
with the early snows and wacky weather out here...I wasn't so sure the blossoms would
greet me. This New Year's day...with its unrelenting gloom and rain...made me decide
not to go to Stanley Park. Today the sun came out and I was on my way a day late.
Sure enough the first thing that greeted my eyes on the edge of Lost Lagoon was a blooming cherry tree...which I took three pictures of. Walking on the edge of Stanley Park...I encountered several other blooming trees...and took a lot of close ups of
my favourite pink blossoms. The picture I'm posting now...is one taken today. This sight...once again...lifting my spirits...................Quester.


At 7:51 AM , Blogger Bessie said...

Dear Quester: Your picture lifts my spirit too!!! Happy 2007 for you and yours. Hugs, love and peace.


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