Monday, December 01, 2008

"Blur Stills"

I have many pictures taken around my city...but today I wanted to post one of my other
kinds of pictures. I focused in on my "blur stills" file...looked through a few of the pictures in there...settled on one which was still in an un-uploadable file...converted its format to JPEG...and was glad to see that...I had indeed made it "uploadable". For someone like myself...relatively new to computers...I am never quite sure how processes like the one I just described...will turn it's a cause for a minor celebration when it works out. "Blur stills" you ask?...that's just my way of describing an experiment I did when I acquired my first digital camera. As I recall...I moved the camera in its video mode...rapidly over the subject of the picture...then honed in on one frame from the said video. It provided many interesting me anyway...including today's. May the creative experiments never cease.......Quester.


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