Monday, July 04, 2005

Morning Calypso

There is low, grey, cloud cover over Vancouver, this morning in July. Sparrow sings a calypso on the speaker above my head,
in the morning coffee place. As a teenager in Georgetown, Guyana, I did my share of "jumping up", to calypsonian and band
rollicking their way through some sassy song. No question, calypsos were part of my roots music. These songs were usually topical... often humourous and bawdy... and no doubt... still are. Above all..their "take no prisoners" beat...propelled me and my jump to our feet and move. Despite my enthusiasm for this music...back then...and the occasional
calypso-like song I have written...I always knew..."man doesn't live on calypso alone". It was the languorous and poignant Latin American songs...with their sinuous rythms...I heard as a youngster...that I was and still am most deeply rooted in. For me...they penetrated to a deeper layer of our human condition...than calypsos ever where loss...regret...and all of the tributaries that flow out of...the "born to dance then die" aspect of being human...were to be found. On my journey as a
song-writer and student of is those layers I find myself returning probe...again and again. However...for a few
moments this morning...Sparrow took me a time when rythm and insouciance ruled...and took away...the thick...
grey clouds...pressing down on if I have never known...what it dance in the sun.................Quester.


At 12:35 PM , Blogger maryd said...

hi david,
I enjoyed this story.
A book I've enjoyed is called Gift From the sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh - if you haven't read it already you might enjoy it - she uses different shells to describe various life stages and experiences :)
Also there is a childrens book, Gifts From the Sea based on a true story about a lighthouse keeper in Maine in the mid 1800's who find a bundle floating in the water with a baby girl inside ....
Also there is a wonderful book and movie;
The Secret of Rowan Inish - a selkie story.


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