Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Took this picture early this evening [Monday]. Within about eight minutes the
mountain peaks at the centre of this picture...were covered with clouds. Around then
I tried to post the picture on to my blog...but a connection couldn't be made.
I have learnt to respect...the impermanence of shifting clouds...or the way the sky
is lit...and if there are pictures to be taken...triggered by what I see...I know I
have to do it right away...not five minutes later. Our beautiful moments in life...
are like that too...to be fully entered into...before they slip away. Clouds remind
me...of living in the moment............Quester.


At 8:27 PM , Blogger Bessie said...

You are right, Quester. I've been telling myself every day "I'll write a comment later, tomorrow" and a few weeks later, I notice I haven't made a single comment to so many interesting, moving words, pictures, poems, etc.

Life is beautiful in Saskatoon and I keep on enjoying my relationship with my guitar (Paulita).

Hugs, love and peace to you, always,


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