Monday, February 12, 2007

Blog Shift

I'm doing my posting today earlier than I usually do...given as of
yesterday I switched over to a new blog system. This time round
I'm trying out a new text looks as if it's working but I'll
know better after I post it. This set up seems to give the blogger
more options to work with...guess I'll check them out one by one...maybe. Discovered I checked out the new system...that using the "old system"...I'd done 667 postings since I started in April 2005. This was a surprise to me. Guess that number of postings comes out of having become daily about my blogging i.e. turning it into a "good habit". It is also another reminder for me...about "The Law of Accruing" ...i.e. how things add up if you keep doing them every day. May the dailyness continue. ..........................Quester.


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