Friday, February 09, 2007

Lotsa Speaker Wire

Today I had a little puzzle to to put up speakers in my
bedroom...where I wanted them...rather than where the short stereo wires they had attached to them...would allow them to be put...further apart. After a while the answer'll have to go out an hunt for some long pieces of stereo wire. The person at the first electronic store I went into...didn't seem to know what I meant by "stereo wire"...and once again I wondered if several waves of technological advancement...had left me and my old speakers...clinging to a fossilized notion of how you hook up stereos to speakers these days. Second store I went into...I saw different sets of wire in packages...until I saw one marked "speaker wire" wonder the man in the first shop couldn't help...I'd asked for stereo wire. Asked a few questions...then bought a packet with 50 feet of the said wire in it. Took it home and hooked my speakers up...then spent quite a while just looking out at my beautiful and mysterious mountains...framed by a black speaker on each side...through which beautiful music was coming at me. After years of putting speakers next to each other...or not too far apart...I marvelled at the years it had taken me to figure out the secret of "speaker placement" that you really get the stereo effect that was intended. It's amazing what lots and lotsa speaker wire can do!..................Quester.


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