Monday, March 26, 2007

One More Magical Tool

For a few years I've been thinking of buying a camcorder...but I
needed a good artist's reason for
getting it. One of the questions that often comes up about acquiring such things...for but will I be able to use it
to create things with. I'd made my three videos currently on
YouTube...with the video option...on a digital still camera. In
the three weeks since the first on..."Pretty Brown"...was uploaded...there has been much response...and I'm still trying
to catch up with answering e-mails that have come in. I finally
had a strong artist's reason to get myself a camcorder...with more options than my still camera. Today I did just that. I have
a stiff learning curve ahead of learning how to operate it
but I'm looking forward to it...having added one more piece to
my artist's magical tool box............Quester.


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