Thursday, April 19, 2007

Creative Absorption

Seems I've found one of the few things these days...that can take me off my "daily blog"...
making videos. Night before last
when I looked up from my late video was about 1.3o
a.m...and I had just finished
"Buck Man Knows"...which I
promptly uploaded to YouTube.
Last night it was another late night at the computer. Tonight
I made a conscious effort to get some kind of entry in...just about on the stroke of midnight. Anyway...given what it is that
these and there...replaces my blog post...I am not too
concerned about having fallen away slightly from my dailyness.
That goes with the territory of being in a "state of flow" with a
new creative idiom...and as an artist...being open to breaking into new creative an important part of my outlook...
on being creative..........Quester.


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