Monday, August 17, 2009

My New Poetry Channel

It's been an extremely productive but difficult time recently. I've opened a second
channel on YouTube. It's called: poetrydavidcampbell5. It has been tricky to get
going and I've only just begun to tell people about it. I've been having to deal
with one technical block after the other as I build the contents of the channel.
I click things and at times they don't work out the way they are supposed to. I keep
stepping back to take the eagle view of it all. With a new channel...there are bound
to be things to overcome or be patient that's what I'll have to keep coming
back to. What made this new channel that I've been finding new ways of
making poetry or other kinds of word videos...with a tremendous upsurge in these
kinds of videos...and they needed a home of their own. I've been blessed to have more than one idiom...and song has been the dominant sibling. Songs are
the central element of my first YouTube channel...marakakore...with poems...the little
brother...trying to get a seat at the dinner table...a good reason for this new
channel. When I first looked at YouTube...the only "poetry" there...seemed to be...
people reading poems...not their people like Shakespeare. Maybe that has
changed with readers of poems...doing their original work. If they have...I'd like
to join them with some of my own creations...doing "cover poems" anathema to me.
So...wish me I sort out my "Technical difficulties". In time...these things
do have a way of sorting themselves out.................Quester.


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