Friday, July 08, 2005

Rainy Day Response

Today...the grey cloud cover is low and close...removing the mountains and water from my view. My windows are pock
marked with rain drops. This kind of day does not lift spirits the way a sunny and blue skied day everybody knows.
Over the years I've tried to turn negatives in my life into positives. These grey, wet days, have continued to be a challenge,
and although I love the West Coast, I have to admit there are a lot of them, out here, even sometimes in July. Still...there
is good to be found in rainy days...if you want to find it. I have found that the sun shining in a clear blue sky...can sometimes
become a pied piper to me...leading me away from projects I had meant to work on...until it happened to show its cheerful
face. Grey days...however...remove any such go forth and fritter away the day. They are days that are perfect for
"digging into" your work...with nothing nudging you to desert what you were meaning to do. Today...even though it's never
easy...that's the notion I'm going to hang on to...rather than let the grey engulf it easily could. Starting with this
posting...I will do what I have to do...reminding myself that right now the sun is still happens to be doing so
...on the other side of the rain clouds hovering thick above my head...and that...sooner or later...they too will vanish.............


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