Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Blessing Of The Wall

Yesterday was sunny and blue skied. I went for a neighbourhood walk...with my camera
tucked in my vest pocket...and my eyes wide open to catch the pictures I knew would
likely be presented to me along the way. I saw a woman with a good sized dog conversing
with someone on a street corner...and crossed the I sometimes do...when I'm
not sure of the friendliness of the dog...or am not ready for it's exhuberant displays
of unsolicited affection. On the other side of the street I found myself in front of
a tennis court wall...that intrigued me with the patterns wear and tear and moss over
time had painted on it. I was sizing up which would be the most suitable spote to take
pictures of...when the dog seen moments before across the street...appeared right
before me. He wasn't interested in me though...he was very interested in the wall.
Sure didn't take long to find a spot...that was suitable for his mission.
He raised a hind leg in watery salute to my wall of many pictures...I let out a loud I twigged to what the dog thought of my "pictures everywhere philosophy"...
that must have startled his owner somewhere behind me...and the whole neighbourhood.
The thing is...having some insight into "dog mind"...I knew what he was going to do...but was too gentlemanly to take a picture of him in the you'll just
have to take my word for it. Today's picture for the "blessing of the wall"...was
taken seconds after the deed was done...and slightly to the left of where the dog
had marked his territory............Quester.


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