Saturday, March 25, 2006

Launching Day

Today is the launch day for my new cd..."Autumn Moon"...after starting work on it last
August. It wasn't a case of flat out work on it since then. The time taken to get it to
this day...was punctuated by obstacles...and my having to overcome my own inertia
about pushing it to the finish line. How do I feel?...I feel glad that the day is here
...but not over excited...having been here many times before. Earlier this morning came to me...that what I was most looking forward the meeting together
with friends...and people I like...and making some good energy together. I am
confident...that will come to pass.............Quester.


At 10:04 PM , Blogger Bessie said...

Quester: I've been thinking about this Special Day for you and feeling so extra special since I've been enjoying those songs for a while now, before the launch. I guess that makes up for my incapacity to be physically there. I hope you had a great time. Wish you always the very best, love, peace and happiness. Take good care of yourself!


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