Monday, March 20, 2006

Pictures Of Another Time 6

After spending my first twelve years or a bare foot
on the banks of a wide the countryside of Guyana...I entered into a
completely different kind of existence...going to high Georgetown...the
capital city. In my first class...I was honed in the precocious city boys...
wise in the ways of tormenting any "weak links"...they might encounter. They sniffed
the air...and identified me as the "boy from the bush"...and got into some rigorous
testing of my metal...including one particularly foul mouthed boy...who sat behind me
...telling me the nastiest things he could come up with...hoping to get a rise out of
me. I managed to survive the class...and on the play ground. One poor boy
didn't...breaking down in tears one day...and for the rest of his high school days...wore the stigma acquired from that...and was picked upon...on and on. This picture was taken early in my high school days...when I still had my "boy from the bush" smile...


At 6:43 PM , Blogger Bessie said...

Dear Quester: Isn't interesting how we learned to be survivors at an early age? I had my share of being tormented too, being a city girl. I guess it was because I was too quiet. I never found out, but through the years I came to the conclusion that I had my first strong change in personality thanks to a Mapuche teacher I had in grade 6.

I keep on enjoying those pictures of another time. Please keep on posting them. Hugs, love and peace from wonderful and friendly Saskatoon.


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