Sunday, November 12, 2006

Handling Dissonant Memories

Going through writings about events in past chapters of my life...I find some of them
easy to read again and edit. Others,..I find myself having to brace myself to return to. Perhaps,...that is a measure of the dissonace certain memories stir in you. Perhaps
too...that is a good reason to persevere with them although they are not easy to handle. My hope is,...that once pieces of such writing are edited,...and consigned to a
manuscript of some kind, can then consign them to the mixed bag life is...made
up,..among other things,...of unpleasant memories,...along with pleasant ones. This,...
perhaps, one of the good reasons for having events of your life,...nicely edited
and checked for typos,...and basically,..."ready to print". When they are finally ready, that, can finally,...hopefully,...release them to the past...and if
you choose,...never have to return to them ever again..........Quester.


At 8:45 PM , Blogger umoya said...

I'm not a blogger... I know you from an old 12" that my siblings and I would play over and over... our favorite song always a tie between Pretty Brown and Corn & Potato! I miss your voice, the way it made me feel part of the earth, the past and future. I'm an adult now... with a son of my own just 9 months old. I hope that you're well and enjoying your own family. I hope you still write music. I hope to instill your magical songs into my childs own heart, as they were instilled in mine over 20 years ago!


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