Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tipi Times

As part of a Native group traveling through the United States...Mexico...and Guatemala
...years ago...I learnt with the help of to put up our tipi after a long
day's travel. I wouldn't like to be tested in that skill these days...having forgotten
the specific steps of the process. I do remember how we pieces of a pie
with our feet towards the centre...where there was a fire lit before we retired for the night...and how the smoke rose from it and out of a space left at the apex of the tipi.
It was something I was glad I experienced...and it was comforting to spend the night
in the same immediate surroundings...whether we were hundreds of miles away from where
we had camped a night or two before...sometimes even on the ground of a new country.
My "tipi times" are one of the fine memories from the days when I did a lot of traveling...something it is good to have been a part of...even once in a life time.


At 9:29 AM , Blogger Bessie said...

Quester: You must come to Wanuskewin for some freshing up on how to set up a tipi. I try to go at least once a year in summer time and have some video footage on this specific subject (Francisco was part of it). Thanks for sharing those wonderful memories!!! Hugs, love and peace from sunny (and cold) Saskatoon.


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