Sunday, January 14, 2007

Two Kinds Of Journals

This is a picture of some of my long hand journals...that I've been keeping over several years. They differ somewhat from my blog...i.e. in them I put down the pros and
cons of life issues I'm dealing with at the time...something I'm not necessarily ready
to do online. I also put down how much I withdrew from my bank and other such every
day transactions. My long hand journal is always with me when I am away from
the event any poems or other creative ideas come when I'm out. It is a catch all place
for just about anything in my life...from the mundane to the inspirational...and closely reflects the contents of my days. I have received many benefits from keeping this kind of daily journal,,,and some years ago made a tape about these benefits called
"Daily Journalling...Springboard to Self Discovery". I suppose the main difference
between my long hand and my online that the former is not meant for sharing with others...but the latter is. I've somehow been able to keep both of them
going. Happy journalling to all......................Quester.


At 9:30 AM , Blogger Bessie said...

Dear Quester: Thanks so much for sharing that special picture with us (your readers). I've been doing my journalling too for a long time and I've been thinking of putting all of my books on a book shelf (as opposed to have them in a drawer) for a long time now (that was my original idea when I was about 17 or so); therefore, your picture is an inspiration to me now to go ahead with another one of my many projects. Hugs, love and peace from snowy and cold Saskatoon.


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