Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My World 2

I remember as a child reading books by Charles
Dickens and Jane Austen...and being disgusted
by the crass way in which people grubbed after
the wealth possessed by the most
opportunistic and predictable ways. The last few
days have shown me that nothing much has changed in my world. As I turn on the television I am assaulted by updates just about everywhere I switch to...about how various and sundry people
jostle to see if some of the wealth of a recently
deceased famous woman...can rub off on them.
What I see in this...tends to discourage me about the human that I have to consciously
remind myself that while this and various other forms of crassness are going on in my world...that there are still some human beings doing beautiful the service of others...or simply moving on gracefully on their Earth Walk...or reaching for
deeper values...than the ones I see the shallow end of my world..........Quester.


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