Sunday, April 22, 2007

Yo Soy Un Hombre Sincero

Earlier today I got a nudge to write
something triggered by a line from
the song "Guantanamera". I remember how...many years ago...
when I first heard this was
the line..."yo soy un hombre sincero"...[hope I'm getting the spelling right]...I instinctively knew
what it meant..."I am a sincere man". I got to reflecting on why the
writer of the song would want to say
such a seemingly obvious thing.
Didn't take long to see the reason
why he did. It's a statement very much worth a world where there is so much insincerity being generated
every day in our world. If the truth be known the "wheels of commerce" would grind to a halt...if there wasn't all that
saccharine...[one of my other words for phoney words and behaviours]...oiling them...i.e. pleasant words and phoney
smiles...seem to be one of the central most
jobs. Not having to report to a treacle factory since I left 9 to 5
behind forever at the age of twenty three...I've been helped to
stay away from having to develop an insincere persona. Yes...
"yo soy un hombre sincero"...makes a lot of of sense to me as
I've tried to live life from my authentic my imperfect way. Yes...I think I know what the man meant when he wrote that seemingly obvious statement......Quester.


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