Monday, August 25, 2008

Winds Of Change

Someone I spoke to last night...said that she had a preference for real photographs she can hold in her hand...rather than those you see on your computer screen. I understood what she meant...and was reminded of how so many of us human beings seem to have a hold on to what we've been accustomed our past...and resist new waves of inevitable change that sweep down on us...especially in the area of new technology. Right now...I am experiencing I continue to use my vcr to record news items etc. off television. I've noticed that in stores where vcrs were once plenty ...I can't seem to see any these days...and I've heard rumours that there has been a digital replacement for the vcr's function...for some time. I guess it does take time to turn away from what you've always known...and embrace the new stuff that replaces it. I'm not sure that being a new technology the balanced approach in these matters. Perhaps an approach that makes sense to actknowledge that change will happen...and at least some of for the better...then be open to new possibilities...rather than turning into a lemming lining up overnight to purchase the newest gadget on the scene...or resisting forever something that is different from what you've previously known. The winds of change
will blow...whether we like it or not...looks like the thing to do is to move...
graceful as a willow tree...when they come upon you...........Quester.


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