Saturday, November 08, 2008

One More West Coast Surprise

Just finished a walk...on this overcast but warm afternoon. Hadn't taken my camera out
much recently...because of rain...but I had it with me on this rainless afternoon. One
of the first things that caught my eye...was this tree in someone's yard...with it's
leaves gone...not really surprising at this time of year. What was the surprise was...
that it was laden with golden fruit. At the risk of infringing on someone's property
line...I moved closer to the hanging fruit...the better to take pictures of them. I
took many of today's picture. I hope no one asks me...what
kind of fruit is that?. My guess is that it might be...persimmon...but I am no expert
on this subject. What was important to me...was that I hadn't really expected to have
much to take pictures being for me it was a pleasant surprise to
run into this piece of bounty. I should know better by in this part of
the world...but for me it more West Coast surprise.............Quester.


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