Monday, November 03, 2008

Splinters Of The Tree

[Words from song "Splinters Of The Tree"-Copyright-SOCAN-Video on YouTube].
"Machu Pichu silent now...
ever reaching up to the sun...
The Inca towers still standing tall
though the dons of Spain
are now long gone...
Splinters of the Tree...
Splinters of the Tree...
Bronze men blow their sikku notes
cross the high sierra
as they rhyme...
Women in their rainbow robes
dance the dance they did
through Inca Time...


At 7:17 AM , Anonymous Sheri Nevill said...


I'm a grade six teacher in ONtario and I'm using the novel "Heart of a Chief" for a class novel study. At one point, it mentions the song "Splinters of The Tree" by David Campbell. I have searched online for the full lyrics to the song and this post on your blog is the most promising lead I have found so far. Do you have the full lyrics of the song so I can share them with my students? I would greatly appreciate it if you could send them to me.


Sheri Nevill


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