Sunday, December 14, 2008

"Welcome To Earth"

This picture was taken yesterday. That's Grouse mountain at the bottom of the picture.
What's at the top?. I have an idea about what it likely'm not
saying. I leave whoever reads this to speculate on that...themselves. I think that
deep down in the human make up...there is a fascination about sightings in the sky...
the "what is that I just saw up there" thing...the wanting to have answers to mysteries ...the wondering about other life forms...that we feel...likely exist...out there. It's that last one in particular...that intrigues can we be so earth and believe that in such a profusion of galaxies...we are the only ones ...with life...or a modicum of intelligence?. The other side of the factors or questions I've just the "gullibility" factor. Are many of open to believing...just about anything we see in the having to be extra-terrestrial...that we insist on that as being what we've seen...forgetting that UFO only refers to an object seen in the skies...being so far "undentified"...and not
automatically "extra-terrestrial". While hoping not to be easily taken in...I remain
open to the subject of UFO's and what the origins of some may be. If I were to
receive a visitation from the occupants of one of them...I'll be able to claim...I
never totally doubted your existence...give me some brownie points for that...before
you do what you have to do...and while I'm at it..."Welcome to Earth".....Quester.


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