Thursday, July 16, 2009

Eleven Days...Eleven Videos

This has been a challenging day. I did several takes of a video involving one of my songs. I felt I'd done the best version of it I could do. When I played it back...I
found that a technical glitch had botched it up. I had reached my point of..."enough
for now" I left it...and went on to work on some editing of another video. The
original song video I turned away from...would have been my eleventh song video in eleven days. I was sure that the lovely run of videos made was done. This evening...
although I was very tired...I got it tackle it again. I used another do an end run around the one that had given trouble. After several takes and feeling at the end of my rope...I finally got a version that sustained from start to finish. With this...I had just about miraculously pull off...eleven eleven days. Hallelujah......................Quester.


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