Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fruit On The Vine

The tree outside one of my front hanging on to its curled brown leaves.
The grass in many places is sere. No wonder...there has hardly been any rain in these
parts for a while. There has been a long lasting heat wave...which may finally be over.
Many of the forests of British Columbia,,,have been tinder dry...and aided by large
swathes of trees that have fallen to beetle kill. There have been many forest fires
with threats of more...and their widely spread smoke...hanging in the air.
In the midst of all of of the things that gives me I walk through
my the sight of fruit or berries...hanging from the tree or vine.
Hanging fruit...even in my childhood...always gave me a good feeling...perhaps a
fulfilled kind of feeling...apart from any more immediate designs to pick and eat them.
Yes...while there is fruit on the vine...there is always hope............Quester.


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