Monday, August 23, 2010

Reminders Of A Cooler Time

I had gone for months without being able to upload any photos to my blog. It didn't
take long for a visiting brother-in-law...ever fix the problem...from
my computer. We were looking in a hurry for a photo to upload and the snow and berries
one presented itself. Coming back now to spread the glad tidings...I found this one
of heather in snow. I tend to do things often...based on a "nudge from the deep" rather
than from having great clarity in the present. I can see now what's behind my choice
of "things snowy". We've been suffering through a heat wave for of today it
seems to have gone...but I think I'm still experiencing a delayed reaction today to it. I have to confess...that for a person shaped by the tropics...I am not a fan these days of hot weather when it goes on too long. Anyway...looks like today's pictures are about a little air conditioning of the mind. Am looking forward to being able to upload
photos in the go with my words.........................Quester.


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