Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Creating A Creativity Work Shop

Earlier today started the preparation of a workshop about creativity...its benefits...
and the creative idioms that would be dealt with in the workshop. I'm scheduled to present it...in Kamloops...towards the end of August...the day after doing a concert
there...where I'll be joined by a friend. As has happened before...I felt completely blank about what its contents would be...only this morning...before I started working on it...but then I reminded myself that I had been creating...all my adult life...and all I needed to do...was to return to the attitude and approaches that had worked for me...i.e. if you've done it over a long period of time...you should be able to collect your thoughts and tell about it. For me...that is the only qualification I'd wish in someone who was telling me about creativity...not that they'd read a lot of books about it...but that they'd actually engaged in it...over a long period of time. Today is only the first day of my creating this workshop about creativity...and there is still a lot of work to bring it into shape...but I think I made a break through with it...and now...all I have to do is to keep working on it. I look forward to delivering it...when the time comes.................Quester.


At 10:01 AM , Blogger Bessie said...

Dear Quester: I'd love to be there, (physically) but I can't so I just thought that perhaps another creative person could videotape your presentation so you could share it later with me and any other beings wishing to see it. Just a thought that popped up on my head as I was reading your words.

I hope you keep enjoying the nice (hot) days of summer. We are trying to do it in Saskatoon. Hugs, love and peace,


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