Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Life Insight Bringers

Bertrand Russell said: "Most people would rather die
than think, in fact, most do". That
addition to its dark humour...resonates in me...I think
there is something to what the man is saying. I think
that he also in his journey towards his truth...had
gone past the "prison of false modesty' state on
this occasion and others...his truth. I'm sure
that being world a wise person...helped him to make statements such as this one. I can't help
but think being world famous and "living in
the truth"...are two states that do not cohabit naturally with each being world famous usually requires a lot of spin away from the truth of the way things actually are. I think that Mr Russell...had the
"courage of his convictions"...had confidence in the
insights that long years of reflection had brought him.
I am thankful that there have been people like him in the world...who have passed on
to the rest of us their insights about existence...when they could have remained quiet
about what they saw...and not risk being called egotistical or crazy. I salute the
"Bertrands" of the world........................Quester.


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