Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Rose Is Returning Revisited

I've been thinking I might make a playlist on my main YouTube channel called...
"Videos Deserving To Be Better Viewed". It is more a fantasy than something I'm
really likely to do...because I recognise there is a
lottery aspect to having videos on YouTube. You just never really know which
ones people might decide to look at in large numbers. Often...the songs that are
your own favorites...are not the ones people will decide to look at. Fsrom time
to time...there is an unexpected rush to look at a didn't think
many would look at...and so it goes. One of my "trainings" in life...and it
certainly comes in handy having videos on to not let yourself be
defined by numbers for anything...but always be reaching for...quality in what
you do. That particular "training"...has helped me so I continue to
upload videos to YouTube. But back to today's song..."The Rose Is Returning".
If I did make the playlist I wrote about earlier...this would be one of the first
songs I'd put on it. There is something about it and the way I was able to sing
it I still like...and am likely to continue to like............Quester.


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