Saturday, October 17, 2009

My First Ukulele Improvisation

As I mentioned in a previous post..."Two For Ones"...I had just acquired a
ukulele...for the first time ever,..and it had joined the instruments...near
where I sit to watch I could reach out for one of them to play a second thing to do...during my tv time. My little brown ukulele...
perhaps because it is tiny...not to mention the "plucked sound" I've been getting
from it...has since that entry become the one instrument I reach for. I've been
enjoying playing it...sometimes even absent mindedly. You do a lot of that...
and your fingers begin to know where to go to get certain sounds. Night before
the last...I got a strong do an improvisation on it...and record it.
I somehow managed to sustain this improvisation...for 4 minutes and 28 seconds.
I was pleasantly surprised when I played it back by the pleasing sound I was
getting from a recording of this instrument. It is such a small instrument...
that before you record might not even fully appreciate the sound you
can get from it. Inspired by this...I set out to make a video...twinning it with
a clip of a little waterfall I had taken during the summer. The upshot...was
yesterday...I uploaded it to YouTube. It gave me a think that I had
done an improvisation...on an instrument I hadn't dreamt of playing...up to a
month ago...turned it to a video...which was now available to the world!. It
might be a bit of unbridled grandiosity I'm into here...but something tells me
this little a magic maker...somehow drawing out from me,,,music
I might not have even known I had in me.


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