Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sun Flowers

I know why Vincent loved them and painted them...I love them too although I've never
tried to paint them. Right now is their time in my part of the world, With so much
around them turning brown,,,they are a delight to see,,,towering over their fading
kin...reviving your spirits. I don't understand the reasoning that went behind the
naming of so many flowers...although I know...a rose is a rose is a rose. I understand
the name sun obvious in the way it reminds you of the sun...both in the
way it looks...and how it lifts your spirits. Only this I walked...I
couldn't help but take out my take a picture of a group of them...out-
yellowing their yellow they towered in front of a MacDonald's
restaurant. That's one of the magnetic things about sun flowers...they make you
look at them regardless of what they may happen to be next to...............Quester.


At 5:17 PM , Blogger denarutten said...


I think they are also called sun flowers, because they always are facing the sun. Just checked that to make sure I was right. This is from wikipedia.

Nature is so fascinating!


Sun flowers have a type of phototropic response called heliotropism (sun turning); the leaves and flower heads of young sunflowers follow the sun and their orientation therefore changes from east to west during the day.[7] The moments becomes a circadian response, if the plants are rotated 180 degrees, the old response pattern is followed for a few days with leaf orientation changing from west the east instead.[8] The leaf and flower bud phototropism occurs while the leaf petioles and stems are still actively growing and once mature the movements stop. The moment occurs as the petioles bend during the day and at night they unbend.[9]


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