Saturday, November 18, 2006

Snow On The Mountains

For days the gloom, clouds and rain...have blocked my view of my mountains...
subtracting something from my life. This afternoon they left long enough...for me to
see the first snows of the seasons on their tops. It gave me a special feeling. There
is something about snow topped mountains that make them even more special than they usually are. Perhaps...when there is no snow to be seen at your ground level...
they emphasize that you are looking at a realm somehow beyond where you are. Mountains
tend to do that anyway...but snow on their tops...accentuate their other worldly=ness.
For most interesting mountain pictures come...when they are snow capped. Add
to this the swirling clouds that mountains attract quite a bit of the time...and you
find you are looking at some beautiful variations...on the object of your "Mountain Love".................Quester.


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