Monday, August 30, 2010

Cosmic Clout As Balancer

An artist friend when I was first starting out on my artist's road said: "If you want to create have to see and hear you've never done before". I've practiced that since...and it has resulted in many creations...benefiting from a
consciously developed spot an irony or a metaphor, or a fine a thousand paces. I thought...until I looked at today's picture...taken at the wonderful outdoor art downtown Vancouver...during the last Winter
Olympics. It was only then I picked up on a small detail missed...back when
I was taking the picture. Then I was focused on the diagonal descending line the three
figures made...and framing the picture well. I believe in strong focus whether you're
writing a song...or taking a picture...[I've heard tell that pictures need focusing].
What I had missed at first...was the humongous wooden pole...wasn't just being
carried by the was actually shafting through their bodies...which was at
the core of what the artist was trying to say. This has happened to me before...when
I've gotten carried away with my own artist's savvy. It's as if the Universe taps me
on the shoulder...or the cosmos clouts me in the head...and says..."Now, now...see
what you missed?". I must admit that I have a preference for this profound way in
which the universe intervenes sometimes...rather than another human being putting me
straight about the error of my ways. Learn something every day..........Quester.


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