Saturday, September 04, 2010

The Carver And The Log

My song "The Carver" says..."like a carver at the cedar of your chip the
surface wood with your knife...and after a long time...a shape begins to grow...
rising from the log of your life". We each have a way of working out a model or
metaphor for living life. The metaphor of the carver chipping away at the log before
him...helps me to understand what I have to do on my own journey. It has also given
me a read of what could be called the "unconscious behavior" that I observe...
manifesting itself in my world. Even with some who behave could use
this help you to understand them. One obvious reading this metaphor that they simply haven't done their "carving"...and are still mired in
what you might call "log consciousness"...or should that be "unconsciousness". The core
reason this metaphor works for that I do believe...we each have a "shining
sculpture" inside of ourselves...but it is our cut away the "surface wood"
that keeps it hidden away. I feel we each have that in us...even the "bad behaved".,,
and I have heard of...or met...enough people who have lived inspiring lives...
moving from the dismal lives their "bad behavior" brought turning around...
some of them even becoming outstanding role models. When that uplifts
me...although it doesn't surprise me...because I've known...what is inside of each
of us...and that if we seriously engage in the job of will finally be


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