Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Innate Malice Of Inanimate Objects

In long gone days...I remember sitting around with other young wags...who had gotten
to know each other,,,moving around in folk song circles...trying to see if we could
"out wag" each other. One of us present had stepped on a rake left carelessly in
his yard...and as a result...had been whacked in the shin,,,by the abandoned rake.
A bearded friend,,,who always seemed to have a "far out" explanation for things...
contributed to the person with the bruised shin..."i guess what you experienced there
was the "innate malice of inanimate objects". I've always remembered that penetrating
observation. There have been many occasions since that day...when I have experienced
evidence of that "principle" at the time in a hurry to go out...I pulled
on the string controlling the shutters on my window...and the shutters came down...
bopping me in the head. That was one of several examples of the said "malice"
manifesting...and sending you the message..."not so fast". As for the two heads in
today's whispering to the other...that triggered this piece...
all they were doing was planning a malicious action for later that day. I am glad I was not around when it came to pass..................Quester.


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