Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Sudden Reminder

This morning...getting ready to make my first drink of the not that...
actually a cup of coffee with the caffeine of the first things I did...was put out a large cup with a Pisces design on it. These days...I find myself sometimes recoiling at the thought of the number of steps I have to take to get myself in gear...from the first moment of rising up to greet another day. Perhaps that's what too much repetition of the "same old same old" does to you over time. Perhaps there are invisible forces nearby...observing our little "oh no...not again" thought rebellions...that sometimes like to throw in some help make things a bit more interesting. After starting the boiling of the water and having placed the cup at ready...I turned around to get a action otherwise known as step 3 in this morning ritual. As I did right hand brushed my Pisces cup. I've always prided myself on my lightening reflexes that have rescued many a falling object. Not this time...faster than you can say Humpty Dumpty...the cup went crashing to the floor. Forget what swear word came flying out...but whatever it fulfilled it's function of taking me quickly to acceptance of what had happened...and the sweeping up of the debris...that "same old same old" thoughts...can bring down on you. Here's to the peacefulness of routines!...


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