Thursday, February 07, 2008

New Video Making Chapter

From before the middle of this January...I started on a learning curve in how to operate a camcorder I had bought some time before. With the help of two friends I was
given some starting clues as to how to actually get video I'd taken into my I could edit it. It didn't take long after I got a good grasp of the basics...before I was venturing out into my camera slung over my shoulder to take video of what was going on out there. This new camera has a powerful zoom on it...which has made a world of difference with the pictures I get. Before this exciting era...I would go out into the world with my little digital still camera...with video option...taking many stills and some video...which I was able to turn into a few videos. It was a hard slog going that route...and time and again I wished I could zoom in from a distance...on white sails out on the water...or an eagle in flight...or many other distant things. Now I can do that...although the eagle remains elusive when I try to get a picture of it in flight. The new camera has already made possible...several videos...which have been uploaded to YouTube...with the prospect of many more to come. For all of this I am thankful!..................Quester.